Sustainability and Environmental Policy

We truly believe we are intricately connected to our environment and our aim is to preserve it in its natural state. We all depend on our environment to sustain our lives, give us clean air, clean water and food. To help us achieve our goals we encourage our visitors to leave only footprints.

Many people believe that adding solar panels to a home will enable it to be environmentally friendly, while in fact there are many more aspects to being sustainable.. Below are some of the steps we took to accomplish our sustainability and environmental goals:


  • 100% of the lighting on the property is accomplished with the use of Energy Saving LEDs.
  • We generate our electricity by using solar panels mounted on the roof and storing the electricity in Li-ion batteries for use during the night or on cloudy days. To that extent we encourage all our guests to be aware of their energy footprint and conserve electricity when possible.
  • We monitor and are aware of our generation and consumption at several points throughout the day, with weekly, monthly and annual graphs.
  • 95% of our appliances are Energy Star certified.
  • Our water is heated by a thermal solar system, which reduces the energy needed for water heating.
  • Many of our outdoor lights use energy saving lighting controls.
  • Our location and our altitude enable us to live in an environment that provides a constant breeze so the use of air conditioners is not required. Energy efficient ceiling fans provide additional air movement if necessary.
  • We engage our guests in an effort to educate and request feedback about our “green” practices. Please let us know what YOU think we can improve upon.

Education and Innovation:

  • We engage our guests and ask for feedback on green practices.
  • We are involved with the local community on cleanup efforts around the El Yunque Forest.
  • We have a policy to not harvest, consume, display, sell, or trade wildlife species.
  • We respect land, water and property rights of indigenous cultures.
  • We participate in educational endeavors arranged by the US Forestry Department related to conservation efforts in the El Yunque Forest.
  • We supply bicycles for transportation around Casa Flamboyant and around the forest free of charge for our guests.
  • Our guests can request free maps of the island and our concierge service offers detailed itineraries to minimize drive time around the island.

Recycling program:

  • Puerto Rico is a small island inhabited by over 3 million people and visited by as many travelers annually. It is vital that we reuse our resources.
  • We recycle the following items:
    • Aluminum cans
    • Plain paper (newspaper, fliers, etc)
    • Cardboard
    • Plastics (please observe the number in the center of the recycle symbol) since we can only recycle items marked with numbers 1 to 7 except 6.
  • The recycle bins are located outside the kitchen on the veranda at the main level.


  • 100% our faucets and showerheads are equipped with aerators that reduce water consumption to less than 4.5 liters per minute (LPM) for the faucets and less than 6.0 LPM for the shower.
  • 100% of our toilets are equipped with dual flush options for 6.0 LPF and 4.0 LPF.
  • Our energy efficient dishwasher uses between 9 and 28 L per load depending on cycle selection.
  • Since we receive an average of 130 in of rain every year we do not need to water our garden
  • We encourage our guests to use the towels more than once, and if you require additional towels or would like the bed sheets changed after your third night please let us know.

Waste and Environment

  • The recycle bins are located outside the kitchen on the veranda at the main level.
  • We safely dispose of hazardous materials at the appropriate locations (batteries, paint, electronics)
  • We do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals, and the products we purchase use recycled materials.
  • All the cleaning products we use are organic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans or animals.
  • All bathrooms are equipped with dispensers for the toiletries in an effort to reduce packaging and waste.
  • At least 90% of our cutlery and dinnerware is reusable.

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